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For this assignment, you must pick a historical topic, within the timeframe of this course, and create at T.V.E.E for the topic you pick.

What is a T.V.E.E you ask?

To create a T.V.E.E. is to apply a certain method for thinking critically about the world around us. T.V.E.E. stands for Topic, Viewpoint, Evidence, and Evaluate. For a specific topic, you are supposed to come up with your viewpoint, list your evidence for your viewpoint, and then evaluate the significance of the argument.

If you are confused - don't worry! Included are handouts with a sample of what a T.V.E.E is and how to do it.


Here is a list of certain topics that are part of the African American experience since 1877. Pick one of these topics and go from there!

Black Educational Philosophy after Reconstruction
The Freedmen's Bureau
Civil rights movement protest philosophies
Women in the Civil Rights Movement
Legal lynching in America
Post-racial America
The Confederate Flag in America
Stereotypes of Black Athletes in Contemporary America
Stereotypes of Black women in Contemporary America
The church in Black America
Affirmative Action
Black America and Education in Contemporary America
Black America and the Communist Party
Black Nationalism
The Harlem renaissance
Black American and the Great Depression
Black Power
The Black Arts Movement
Black Poverty in America
Medical Experimentation on Black America
White involvement in the Civil Rights Movement
Hip Hop
Black Feminism
The School to Prison Pipeline
Do you have your own topic:


Now that you have a topic, what is your opinion on the topic? For example, I will pick a topic and give you a good idea of the T.V.E.E Method in action.

Topic: White Privilege in America

If my topic is white privilege in America, what is my viewpoint, opinion or argument?

There are several opinions an individual can have on white privilege in America. For purposes of this activity, I argue that:
Americans access to equality in America is impacted by white privilege.
So, my T.V.E.E. currently looks like this:

TOPIC: White Privilege in America (no opinion is in the topic)


What is the evidence for our viewpoint?

If I am arguing that white privilege is impacting equality in America - why do I think this way? What is my evidence?
For this section of your T.V.E.E, list the evidence you have for your viewpoint. Since, this is a history class; you will have to find concrete and reliable evidence for your viewpoint.

You must have at least three primary sources and as many secondary sources as you like. You must use Chicago citation style.

Step 4

The last step is to evaluate the argument

This is where you really need to think critically.

To evaluate is to ask the following question of yourself after you create your argument/viewpoint and list your evidence:

• What happens immediately or in the long run if my viewpoint and evidence are accepted? Or, what conclusion does this line of reasoning suggest?

• Since this is an African American History class, what is the significance of your T.V.E.E to African American history? Why should we care?
If you are evaluating someone else's argument, you would ask yourself these questions:

• What happens immediately or in the long run if the viewpoint and evidence are accepted? Or, what conclusion does this line of reasoning suggest?

• Are their problems with the author viewpoint and evidence? If so, what are they?

• Do you agree with the author's viewpoint? Why or why not?

• What is the historical, political, social or economic significance to the argument?

Reference no: EM13754595

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