What is the discounted payback period

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Part 1:

A company is considering three alternatives to replace an operation that is currently implemented manually. By performing annual worth analysis and assuming a MARR of 4%, which alternative is the best?


Alternative A

Alternative B

Alternative C

Initial Cost








Life (years)




A job can be done with Machine A that costs $12,500 and has annual end-of-year maintenance cost of $5,000. The salvage value of this machine after 3 years is $2000. Alternatively, the job can be done with Machine B, which costs $15,000 and has end-of-year maintenance cost of $4,000, and a salvage value of $1500 at the end of 4 years. Use annual worth analysis to the define the best alternative. The interest rate is 11%.

Consider a project with the following cash flows:

End of Year (N)

Cash Flows ($)















A) At an interest rate of 18%, what is the discounted payback period?
B) What is the discounted payback period if the interest rate is 0%?


Unit cost for brand X:

Unit cost for brand Y:

Do problem 6.50 from your textbook. Use an interest rate of 15%.

Reference no: EM132233649

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