What is the difference between written and oral contracts

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What is the difference between written and oral contracts? Which type contracts are better? Which are better for certain industries? and please explain and cite any sources used.

Reference no: EM131422055

Discrimination must the male allege he has experienced

A male and a female with equivalent qualifications apply for the job of a fitting room attendant at Helga’s Secret, a women’s clothing store that sells only women’s lingerie a

Determine the uninhibited desires of the employees

Which of the following takes the position that an election should "provide a laboratory in which an experiment may be conducted, under conditions as nearly ideal as possible,

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Discuss the value of business process improvement to an individual business in a hospital system. Describe clearly and concisely what’s involved in such activity. What are the

Dimensions of international corporate level strategies

Describe how organizations set pay levels using external market values. What influences the effectivness of corporate education? Specify recruiting methods and sources. Descri

Intellectual property in a legal dispute

NOT LONG AFTER Apple became the world’s most valuable company, signs of trouble emerged. Although Apple enforced its intellectual property in a legal dispute with Samsung, it

Discuss purpose of provider contract

What is the purpose of a provider contract? What intentions are enclosed in a provider contract and why is it important to detail party relationships, services, obligations, a

Example of writing intended to persuade

Which of the following is an example of writing intended to persuade? An entertaining novel written about the life of a teenager a newspaper editorial written to get readers t

Differences with different ethnic groups across generations

What motivates Gen X? Why? How is Gen X different? Are there any differences with different ethnic groups across generations? What are companies doing to increase employee sat


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