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Question: Process: Select a topic-must be approved by Professor Roazzi, - The topic must be on a major business or corporation.

EXAMPLES: Google, Disney, Apple.

What's involved? - Business terms, definitions, principles, and concepts found in the textbook and discussed in class must be used.

Required Elements: 1. Executive summary (1/2 page or 1 slide)

2. History & Management (1/2 page or 1-2 slides)

a. Include the company's mission statement if available.

b. Briefly report the company's history and provide a one-paragraph biography of the current CEO.

3. The Industry (1/2 page or 1-2 slides)

a. Briefly describe the industry in which the company operates including company rankings.

b. List and describe the key competitors.

c. What is the current state of the industry (growing, shrinking, stable)?

d. What are the key environmental forces and factors influencing this firm?

4. Marketing (1 page or 2-3 slides)

a. Describe the company's Marketing Mix and their overall marketing strategy.

b. Briefly describe their major product/service lines.

c. Describe the branding and positioning strategies of the company (If they have a positioning statement, include it here). You should also address their competitors in this section).

5. Ethics and Social Responsibility (1/2 page or 1 slide)

a. Describe the company's social responsibility program or policy if they have one.

b. Does the company's performance and behaviors support their mission statement?

c. Describe any significant current or past legal or ethical issues? What do you conclude about this company based on your findings?

6. Operations, Organization and Technology (1 page or 1-2 slides)

a. Describe their organizational structure using terms from the book (i.e. departmentalization, etc.).

b. Describe their operations and key technologies. Include noteworthy IP.

c. Do they favor centralization or a decentralized structure?

7. Finance (1+ page or 2 slides)

a. Analyze the firm's Income Statement (aka: profit and loss statement (P&L) or statement of operations) for the last three years available.

b. In a separate table include the Balance Sheet for the most recent year available.

c. In a third table, include the following:

i. Goodwill (if available). How was it calculated for this company?

ii. The Current Ratio, the Debt/Equity Ratio, and the Asset Turnover Ratio. Compare these with the Industry Ratios for this company. How do they measure up and how would you describe the reasons for the differences?

iii. EPS, P/E Ratio, Market Cap and Share Price.

d. What do these numbers say about the viability of the company? In your narrative, be sure to include ALL of the data requested above and comment on each key fact as it relates to their historical performance, their major competitors, and the industry overall.

8. Global Business Issues (1/2 pages or 1 slide)

9. a. In what countries does this firm have a major presence?

b. What challenges do they face overseas: Competition, Regulatory/Ethical, and Marketing Issues?

c. Are they in the right international markets? What others might they pursue? History - When? Where? Founders? Products? Business Philosophy,

10. Conclusion - Do you see success or failure in the future? (1/2 page or 1 slide)

Each member should know his/her part of the presentation and be able to step in if another member is not available.

Step 5: Submitting the Paper - The must be a typed, double-spaced, 6page report. A cover sheet and a list of references must be included.

Submitting the Slides - The must be a .ppt consisting of 12-15 slides. A cover sheet and a list of references must be included.

PLEASE NOTE: I will be available to guide you along the process.

Information related to above question is enclosed below:

Attachment:- MGT101Project3.rar

Reference no: EM132185210

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