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What is the "current macroeconomic situation" in the U.S. (e.g. is the U.S. economy currently concerned about unemployment, inflation, recession, etc.)? What fiscal policies and monetary policies would be appropriate at this time?

1. Write your individual answers to the questions listed above together in essay format (minumum of 500 words combined in APA style), using correct economic terms covered in the discussions. If you only write 500 words, you probably won't be able to fully answer the questions. Use the APA Template in Doc Sharing as a guide. You will also find the grading rubric for this assignment in Doc Sharing.

2. Key concepts to include in your paper--data trends on unemployment, inflation, GDP growth, expansionary fiscal policy tools, FOMC, easy money policy tools and other terms from this class.

3. You must use at least one article. Note: The textbook is not an article and cannot be the only source for the assignments. Use the DeVry Library as a resource for finding your references

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