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The chloroplasts are the organelles in plant cells that provide energy to the cell. The equivalent organelle in eukaryotic (animal) cells is the mitochondria. Both are also unusual in that they have double membranes and contain their own set of DNA. What is the current explanation for this observation?

Reference no: EM132280022

Discuss some of the considerations involved in establishing

Another temperate biome planned for the biome garden is the temperate grassland/desert biome. Your friend is particularly interested in developing temperate grassland. Discuss

The life cycle of the common mushroom is a process

The life cycle of the common mushroom is a process in which diploidnuclei exist for only a brief period. They are then quickly reducedby meiosis to a haploid state before th

Draw a free-body diagram of this situation

A uniform ladder of length l an weight 100 N rests against a smooth vertical wall. The coefficient of static friction between the bottom of t ladder and the floor is 0.5.

Cell division and sexual reproduction

Explain how cell division and the sexual reproduction help in genetic variability of organism. How do both the meiosis and sexual reproduction (fertilization) generate offspri

Explain main kinds of malaria and biology of disease process

Read paper and give the summary of your results. Explain the main kinds of malaria (pathogen species), and explain the biology of disease process.

Estimate the drop in concentration

A patient was diagnosed with a high pH of 7.7 from an ideal value of 7.4 in the blood plasma. Estimate the drop in concentration of [H+] considering the 1 mM concentration o

Calculate the total number of atp molecules

Calculate the total number of ATP molecules that will be produced upon complete breakdown of one C18 fatty acid molecule. Which would produce more ATP, this process, or the

Distinguish indeterminate from determinate growth

Distinguish indeterminate from determinate growth. If you were a redwood tree and redwood trees could be vegocentric in the same way that humans can be anthropocentric, what


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