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The chloroplasts are the organelles in plant cells that provide energy to the cell. The equivalent organelle in eukaryotic (animal) cells is the mitochondria. Both are also unusual in that they have double membranes and contain their own set of DNA. What is the current explanation for this observation?

Reference no: EM132280022

How do microscopes help us study cells

Exposure to tobacco smoke immobilizes cilia and they eventually disappear. How might this effect explain why smokers have an increased incidence of coughing and respiratory

What is probability that first child will be a normal girl

Phenylketonuria is an inherited disease caused by a recessive autosomal allele. If a woman and her husband are both carriers, what is the probability that their first child

Why are antibacterials not used to destroy viruses

Why are antibacterials not used to destroy viruses? What is the difference between bacteria and viruses that cause this to happen. Why is the blood brain barrier considered b

Describe the appearance of the papillary muscles

Discuss the similarities and differences between the left and right sides of the heart. Compare the structure of the atrioventricular valves to the structure of the semilunar

Result in the production of different proteins

In essay form a) Identify, discuss and explain at least 4 actions that can result in changes in chromosome structure. b) Explain why changes in nucleotide sequence could res

Use the permanent marker to label the two 100 ml

Use the permanent marker to label the two 100 mL beakers as "1" and "2". Pour 50 of the blue beads and 50 of the yellow beads into Beaker 1. Sift or stir the beads around to c

Questions about genotypes and phenotypes

A is recessive and confers a black coat,  A  is dominant to  a  and confers an agouti coat, and  A Y  is dominant to both and confers a yellow coat.

What pigment is separated

a) If the calculated Rf value is .5900, what pigment is separated? b) If two pigments were separated through chromatography and were found to have Rf values of .4300 and .800


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