What is the cost of equity

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Flat Comfy Shoes Inc. has a target debt-equity ratio of 1.15. Its WACC (weighted average cost capitol) is 9.4%, the tax rate is 35%, and the after tax cost of debt is 6.8%. What is the cost of equity?

Reference no: EM132234802

What is your estimated futrue value

what is your estimated futrue value? once you retire, how much can you withdrawl monthly if you want to deplete your account over 30 years (Use the money in motion Caculator

Why firms in these industries would prefer

Firms in the real estate investment trusts (REITs), airlines, electric utilities, and paper products industries tend to have high leverage. Explain why firms in these indust

Find the standard deviation of incomes

For a sample of 87 entry level managers you find the standard deviation of incomes is 3,099 (measured in dollars). What is the standard error? Answer to one decimal place.

Degree of operating leverage

Find out the degree of operating leverage? If units sold rise from 8,000 to 8,500, what will be the rise in operating cash flow? What is the new degree of operating leverage

Same amount of money accumulated

Ashley began saving $5000 per year from age 25 to age 30 and then invested the funds fro another 30 years. Teeto began saving at age 35 and saved $5000 each year until retir

What are the implications of your findings

Find some figures to describe this growth. Now forecast the future demand for electricity. How accurate are your results? What other factors should be taken into account? Wh

The mean number of strings per list

When n strings are hashed into m lists. the mean number of strings per list is n I m, no matter how unevenly the strings are distributed. Suppose that d is a "distribution,"

Form of structural configuration

Question  1: Reflect on your reading for the week, specifically Analytical Exercise 8. Is another form of structural configuration better suited to multiproduct, multiservic


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