What is the concentration of the chloride ion of sodium

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What is the concentration (in M) of the chloride ion when 18.2 mL of a 0.503 M solution of sodium chloride is combined with 18.9 mL of a 0.504 M solution of iron(III) chloride? Assume the volumes are additive.

Reference no: EM13239402

Explain the ph of this solution is made very acidic

A 0.5 M solution of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) contains 0.15 M nickel chloride NiCl2, and 0.35 M mercury nitrate Hg(NO3)2. The pH of this solution is made very acidic through th

What is the pressure of the gas

a sample of HCI is placed in a 256ml flask where it exerts a force of 67.5 mmHg. What is the pressure of the gas if it is transfered to a 135mL flask?

Explain sodium acetate and hydrocloric acid

In ploystyrene beaker , we mixed 30 mL of 0.1 M sodium acetate and 15 mL of 0.1 M hydrocloric acid. we measured the PH ( in PH meter ) it was 4.86 and then we added 5 mL of

Explain a dilute aqueous solution with a density

When you calculate the molarity and molality of the EDTA solution are the values very similar or not? Explain if this is what you might expect for a dilute aqueous solution

The pantry at room at room temperature

Does the solubility of the solute increase or decrease if a bottle of soda (solute is CO2 gas) is placed in the refrigerator instead of in the pantry at room at room temp

Calculate stoicheometry

In a second 50.00mL aliquot, the ClO4- was reduced to Cl- with V2(SO4)3. Titration of the reduced sample required 40.12mL of the AgNO3 solution. Calculate the %KCl and %KClO

Compute the free energy change for the combustion of methane

Calculate the free energy change for the combustion of methane at 250oC. Assume that all reactants and products are gases and that the pressures of the various gases of inte

Define aluminum dissolves in hcl according to the equation

Aluminum dissolves in HCL according to the equation written below, whereas copper does not react with HCL: 2Al+6HCL ---> 2AlCl3 + 3H2 a 35 gram sample of copper-aluminum all


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