What is the bridge output per hour stress

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A Whetstone bridge has a strain gage in the lower right leg with a 120 ohm nominal resistance. It is mounted on steel with a Modulus of Elasticity equal to 30x106. The other resistors are equal to 120 ohms. The bridge voltage is 5V. What is the bridge output per 1000 lb/in2 of stress? Assume the Gage Factor = 2.0

Reference no: EM13257673

Create and graph the pairwise convolution of the functions

Using MatLab, create and graph the pairwise convolution of the following functions (i.e., A must be convolved with B, C, D, and E, individually. B must be convolved with C,

Bjt amplifier design

The design of the amplifier shall be performed for the Fairchild Q2N3904 NPN Transistor. Specifications can be obtained from the datasheet for the Fairchild Q2N3904 and are

Compression-ignition engine operates

A six-cylinder, four-stroke, 4.5-L compression-ignition engine operates on the ideal diesel cycle with a compression ratio of 17. The air is at 95 kPa and 55°C at the beginn

Construct nontrivial resistive ckt with at least two loops

Construct a nontrivial resistive circuit with at least two loops and at least three resistors in each loop. Verify Kirchho's laws for this circuit both theoretically and emp

Determine how much are the springs compressed

After driving a portion of the route, the tap tap is fully loaded with a total of 24 people including the driver, with an average mass of 70kg per person. In addition, there

How should expected huge cost of smart grid infrastructure

Since smart grid application is expected to have a substantial societal benefit in addition to the direct benefit to electric power customers and utility companies, how shou

Voltage boost

Assume that the machine is excited with a stator voltage amplitude that is directly proportional to the excitation frequency so that V1 = 13 pu. Consider three excitation freq

What is the probability that the sum of the dice is 7

What is the probability of drawing any Heart or a King from a well shuffled pack of cards? On two throws of a die, what is the probability of a 6 on the first throw followed


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