What is the best estimate of the nominal interest rate

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Absalom Motors's 8% coupon rate, semiannual payment, $1,000 par value bonds that mature in 15 years are callable 6 years from now at a price of $1,025. The bonds sell at a price of $1,254.87, and the yield curve is flat. Assuming that interest rates in the economy are expected to remain at their current level, what is the best estimate of the nominal interest rate on new bonds? Round your answer to two decimal places.

Reference no: EM13286243

What is the project''s initial cash flow?

1. Baldwin Corp. just paid a dividend of $2.00. Over the next two years this dividend is expected to grow by 20% per year. After two years, dividend growth is expected to leve

Completion of master of healthcare administration program

You are nearing the end of this course and the completion of the Master of Healthcare Administration program. Take a few minutes to reflect on your journey. What have you le

Compute the market value of the bonds

a. Compute the market value of the bonds. b. What will the net price be if flotation costs are 13 percent of the market price? c. How many bonds will the firm have to issue to

Relevant market and nonmarket stakeholders

Describe who the relevant market and nonmarket stakeholders are in this situation. Describe possible solutions to this dispute that you think might emerge from dialogue betwee

S the present value of the futures contract in dollars

Treasury bond futures contract settles at 105'8.  a. What is the present value of the futures contract in dollars? b. If the contract settles at 105-8, are current market inte

Describe the term synergy

Illustrate the term "synergy" and whether or not completed mergers attain synergistic effects as are often anticipated before the merger.

What is the return on the stock for the year

What type of constraints may a client impose on a portfolio manager? If an investment in stock has a value of $3,000 at the beginning of the year and $3,500 at the end of th

Which bond should she select based on your answer to part a

An investor must choose between two bonds: Bond A pays $72 annual interest and has a market value of $925. It has 10 years to maturity. Bond B pays $62 annual interest and has


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