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Questions 1 through 6 are based on the following scenario.

The ABC Car Service & Repair Centers are owned by the SILENT car dealer; ABC services and repairs only SILENT cars. Three ABC Car Service & Repair Centers provide service and repair for the entire state.

Each of the three centers is independently managed and operated by a shop manager, a receptionist, and at least eight mechanics. Each center maintains a fully stocked parts inventory.

Each center also maintains a manual file system in which each car's maintenance history is kept: repairs made, parts used, costs, service dates, owner, and so on. Files are also kept to track inventory, purchasing, billing, employees' hours, and payroll.

You have been contacted by the manager of one of the centers to design and implement a computerized system. Given the preceding information, do the following:

1. Indicate the most appropriate sequence of activities by labeling each of the following steps in the correct order. (For example, if you think that "Load the database." is the appropriate first step; label it "1.")

Normalize the conceptual model.
Obtain a general description of company operations. Load the database.
Create a description of each system process. Test the system.
Draw a data flow diagram and system flowcharts. Create a conceptual model, using ER diagrams. Create the application programs.
Interview the mechanics.
Create the file (table) structures.
Interview the shop manager.

2. Describe the various modules that you believe the system should include. You may describe the modules with text or insert a graphic.

3. How will a data dictionary help you develop the system? Give examples.

4. What general (system) recommendations might you make to the shop manager? (For example. if the system will be integrated, what modules will be integrated? What benefits would be derived from such an integrated system? Include several general recommendations.)

5. What is the best approach to conceptual database design? Why?

6. Name and describe at least four reports the system should have. Explain their use. Who will use those reports?

7. Suppose you have been asked to create an information system for a manufacturing plant that produces nuts and bolts of many shapes, sizes, and functions. What questions would you ask, and how would the answers to those questions affect the database design?

8. What do you envision the SDLC to be?

9. What do you envision the DBLC to be?

10. Suppose you perform the same functions noted in Problem 7 for a larger warehousing operation. How are the two sets of procedures similar? How and why are they different?

Reference no: EM131113917

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