What is the average real rist premium

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You’ve observed the following returns on Crash-n-Burn Computer’s stock over the past five years: 10 percent, –10 percent, 17 percent, 22 percent, and 10 percent. Suppose the average inflation rate over this period was 1.5 percent and the average T-bill rate over the period was 3 percent. What was the average real risk-free rate over this time period? What is the average real rist premium?

Reference no: EM131310117

Consistent with the semi-strong form of market efficiency

Geothermal corporation issued a press release before the stock market opened announcing that its earnings are above last year’s earnings. Explain how each of the following ind

Effective annual rate and the effective semiannual rate

A sum of $120,000 now at an interest rate of 10% per year compounded semiannually is equivalent to how much money 6 years ago? Solve using tabulated factors in two ways: using

Customers is delinquent on accounts payable balance

One of your customers is delinquent on his accounts payable balance. You’ve mutually agreed to a repayment schedule of $500 per month. You will charge 1.55 percent per month i

What it means to perfect the banks security interest

Explain what it means to perfect the bank's security interest  in collateral. When lending to a small business owner who is an owner/ manager, what methods might the bank use

What face value of life insurance is needed

Anna and mike are considering their life insurance options. They both make about 50,000/year. In the event that something happens to one of them, they figure they will need to

What is discounted payback period

A project has an initial cost of $8,800 and produces cash inflows of $2,700, $5,000, and $1,600 over the next three years, respectively. What is the discounted payback period

What is current share price-growth rate in dividends forever

Lohn Corporation is expected to pay the following dividends over the next four years: $14, $10, $9, and $4.50. Afterward, the company pledges to maintain a constant 4 percent

What is the over the counter market for derivatives

What is the "over-the-counter market" for derivatives?- What does the article mean by "broader system"?- How might over-the-counter trading of derivatives result in risks to t


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