What is the average linear velocity

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A confined aquifer is 5 miles wide and 50 feet thick. the average hydraulic gradient is 0.05, the average porosity is 30% and the average hydraulic conductivity is 55 ft/day.

What is the aquifer discharge in gallons/day?

What is the average linear velocity?

Reference no: EM13298610

Different visual processing pathways

Milner and Goodale distinguish 2 different visual processing pathways. Please name each one and describe the type of information that is processed in each. Provide description

Designing a database system for this plant

List four questions that you would ask in designing a database system for this plant. What do you envision the SDLC to be? What do you envision the DBLC to be?

What are the major provisions of the law

What environmental problems motivated the writing of his law? Be as specific as possible - What kinds of costs, fines, or economic benefits are associated with the law? Provid

Discuss the essential steps that your organization can take

Discuss the essential steps that your organization can take to reduce occurrences in both. Provide at least two examples of the successful application of such steps to suppo

Is there a moral problem presented in the scenario

You are an off-duty police officer at a party at the house of an old high school friend. Everyone is still in the backyard drinking. You go into the house to use the restroo

What is the purpose of theory

What is the purpose of theory and how does this differ from a conjecture or opinion? Compare scientific inquiry with naive inquiry (conjecture or opinion) commenting particu

Charge of customer relations

Assume that you are in charge of customer relations. Lately, you have received a largenumber of complaints about product defects. What type of research could you conduct to de

Why is the topic important to mankind or environment

Why is this topic important to mankind/environment? What are some the current solutions being used to address cc challenges? Why do you suppose these solutions failed or won't


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