What is the appropriate reorder point quantity

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A newspaper publisher uses roughly 830 feet of baling wire each day to secure bundles of newspapers while they are being distributed to carriers. The paper is published Monday through Saturday. Lead time is six workdays. What is the appropriate reorder point quantity, given that the company desires a service level of 95 percent, if that stockout risk for various levels of safety stock is as follows: 1,500 feet, .10; 1,800 feet, .05; 2,100 feet, .02; and 2,400 feet, .01?

Reference no: EM13820345

How has general environment affected their decision-making

Adidas has recently spent an enormous amount of money on celebrity endorsements. They are trying to overtake Nike as the largest shoe company in the world. Research Adidas. Ho

Persons behavior affect attitude of the other group members

Describe a situation in which you were part of a formal work group and one of the members of the group did not contribute much work to the project. How did the other group mem

Getting these resources assigned to the project

Examine, analyze, and explain what resources you will need for your project at a high level. You will need to define why the resources you selected are critical to project suc

Human behavior regarding the three different arguments

Explain the assumptions of human behavior regarding the three different arguments in the literature on the possible effects of competition on the level of misreporting of divi

Product mix is product assortment

A Product mix is a product assortment; Let's analyze the use of the word Length as opposed to Breadth. Are they really the same thing? Which term do you think captures the ess

What is the takt time of the manufacturing cell

What is the takt time of the manufacturing cell and what is the production lead time for each process step - what is the total processing time for the manufacturing cell?

Introduction of the behavior-based

One of the most important trends in questioning during the past decade has been the introduction of the "behavior-based" interview, which is predicted on the principle that

Principles associated with open-market capitalism

Compare the contrast the world's political and economic systems and their effects on globalization. Or, pick three of the underlying principles associated with open-market cap


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