What is the absolute magnitude of a star
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1) The apparent magnitude of the Sun is -26.7 and Sirius is -1.52. How many times brighter is the Sun than Sirius?

2) On a certain evening, the apparent magnitude of Venus is - 4.3 and the apparent magnitude of Mars is -2.2. How many times brighter is Venus than Mars?

3) How many times brighter is Sirius at -1.52 magnitudes than a star that is magnitude 8.2?

4) How many times brighter is a Full Moon, with an apparent magnitude of -12.6, than a dim magnitude +12.6 galaxy?

5) What is the theoretical limiting visual apparent magnitude of a 200-inch telescope?

6) What is the absolute magnitude of a star that is 87 pc from Earth, whose apparent magnitude is +5.50?

7) What is the apparent magnitude of a star called AX2, if d = 70 parsecs and M = - 8.1?

8) What is the modulus of a star whose apparent magnitude is +4.9l and its absolute magnitude is +2.66?

9) How distant is a star whose modulus is -7.5?

10) If its apparent magnitude (m) = +13.5 and absolute magnitude (M) = +10, what is the distance to a star?

11) A star has a parallax of .025 seconds of arc-what is its distance in parsecs? The nearest star has a parallax of .76 arc seconds-what is its distance in light years?

12) If star were 2.40 pc from Earth, what would its distance be in AU?

13) A star is 250 parsecs from us - what is its parallax angle?

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