What is its risk and which will you select

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Our portfolio consists of 30% Brazilian investments, which return at a 15.2% rate and have a deviation of 11.4%. At this time, we hold Italian securities, making up 70% of our portfolio with a return of 18.7% and a deviation of 24.3%. Also, ?.17 is the correlation coefficient. What is the portfolio risk ?

You have been approached with the idea of selling all the Italian securities, and filling out the remainder of the portfolio with Tasmanian shares, having a return of 21.7% and a deviation of 19.6%. This configuration has a .09 correlation. What is its risk and which will you select?


Reference no: EM13286375

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Honda Motor Company is going to pursue the list of items below. Describe fully how Honda can make the ideas work. Be creative. Describe where the funds will come from to fund


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