What is importance of being bilingual for preschool children

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1. Research Topic: My research topic is implementation bilingual education programs in preschool in KSA, and it's qualitative research

Aim: The study aims to investigate

Tools: Interview &Questionnaires

2. My Research Questions:

what are the benefits of bilingual education programs?

What issues and challenges that, teacher, children and parents might face during children learning process ?

How to encourage bilingual education to be applied in preschools?

What is the importance of being bilingual for preschool children?

1 - add missing points as shown in interdiction instructions Pdf file( half page)

2- New Point ( 1 page) add Rationale and Research Question and/or Hypotheses

A-Instructions for Research Questions and Hypotheses.

1. What is known. Very briefly summarize what was learned from the research reviewed in the literature review section.

2. What is still unknown. State what is still unknown about the topic and concepts of interest (i.e., what are the "gaps" in the literature?).

3. How you will address an unknown. State how your proposed study will contribute something new to topic and concepts of interest. This should connect directly to an "unknown" that you mention above.

4. Finally, formally state the specific research question(s) that you will address in your study. These should connect directly to the previous point.

2- Instructions for Research Questions and Hypotheses.


• Has Research Questions
• Ask one or two central Research questions
• No more than 5-7 subquestions
• con't with Creswell pg. 140

Quantitative Research Questions and hypotheses

• null hypotheses
• directional hypotheses
• non directional hypotheses
• mediating variables Creswell p.148

Mixed Methods Research Questions and Hypotheses

Introduction& purpose statment that you had done for me is below. you just need to add missing point that indicates in PDF file& Cite

"Bilingual education is a program that is aimed at not only concentrating on the second language but the native language as well. The method is used by some institutions all over the world, but it has its fair share of challenges. However, there are still people who advocate for the use of the program. The main aim of this research proposal is to look into the benefits and challenges of bilingual education. Research cannot be complete without looking into ways of gathering credible and reliable information. The methods and strategies that will be employed will make sure that all the information gathered is relevant to the discussion topic."


The Introduction

1. Generally, all introductions follow a similar pattern:

a. The author announces a problem
b. Justifies why it needs to be studies

2. A Model for an Introduction: The deficiencies model of introduction is a model of writing a research proposal that builds on the gaps existing in the literature. It includes:

a. Stating the research problem
b. Review the studies that have addressed the problem
c. Indicate the deficiencies in the studies.
d. Advance the significance of the study a particular audience
e. State a purpose statement.

3. Designing the opening paragraphs

a. Write an opening sentence that will stimulate reader interest and convey an issue.
b. Refrain from using quotations to keep from being misunderstood
c. Stay away from idiomatic expressions.
d. Consider numeric information for impact.
e. Clearly state the research problem
f. Indicate why it is important by citing numerous references
g. Make sure the research problem is framed in a manner consistent with the approach to the study (quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods).

4. Reviewing the literature in the research problem is different than the section of your paper mentioned in Ch. 2 Review of literature.

a. Refer to literature by summarizing groups of studies, not individual ones.
b. Establish broad areas of research
c. Review research studies that used qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods approach.
d. Find recent studies published within the last 10 years. Cite older ones if they are widely used bi others.

Vasenda, 2017

Abstract, Introduction and Purpose Summary

5. Deficiencies of past literature

a. may exist because topics have not been explored with a particular group or population. Deficiencies can be found in "suggestions for future research" (Creswell 2014, p117)

b. Beyond deficiencies, proposal writers need to state why their planned research would remedy the situation

6. Significance of a Study

a. 3-4 reasons the research proposal adds to the research in the field
b. 3-4 reasons how the study helps improve practices
c. 3-4 reasons why the study will improve policy or decision making.

The Purpose Statement

According to Locke, Spirduso and Silverman (2013), the purpose statements indicates why you want to do the study and what do you expect to accomplish. It contains the overall intent and purpose of the proposal is a few sentences. Note the differences:

1. The purpose statement sets forth the intent of the study
2. Not the problem nor issue leading to a need for the study (Ch.5)
3. It is not the research questions-those questions that data collection will attempt to answer (Ch.7)

The purpose statement sets forth the objectives. The intent, or the major idea of a proposed study

• See qualitative script for a purpose statement on page 126 (Creswell, 2014)
• See quantitative script for a purpose statement on page 130.
• See mixed methods script on page 133-134.

Reference no: EM131410654

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