What is health information technology
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Part -1:

Choose a business that is used by you on a daily basis. For example, this can be a grocery store, or a transport company or a financial institution as we use these types of businesses daily. For the purpose of this question, government agencies are also considered a business. Using table 11.4 of the above reading, identify about a dozen Critical Success Factors of these businesses. The identification of these CSF can come from analysing their web sites.

1. Develop a 50 word summary on ‘What is Health Information Technology?'. This should be a layman's note, and there is no need for references. You can read the article and paraphrase your understanding.

2. Link HIT and HIS. Develop a report of 100 words that would compare and contrast HIT and HIS.

3. Provide five reasons as to the barriers to adoption of Health Information Systems.

Part -2:

1. Develop a note of 200 words on data consideration for the REBUS system.

2. Develop a 100 word note on how a simple HIS can be developed. This can be your own idea or you may read other articles and come up with a conceptual model. I leave the choice to you!

Carefully study Figure 1 of this article. Look at the right side ‘MIS Strategy Set'. There are three major elements, namely, Systems Objectives, System Constraints, and System Design Strategies.

Your task is to consider how relevant these three elements are for current systems planning. In 1970's, most of the systems were stand alone systems.

However, currently, social media systems and other web based systems are prevalent among users. So, do we need to add more ‘elements' in our strategy set? If so, what are they?


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