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1. What are the four frames of color-blind racism? Make sure to define each frame and provide two examples the author found through interviews that illustrate each frame.

2. Explain how opposition to affirmative-action policies can be viewed as abstract liberalism?

From Chapter 4 Bonilla Silva

3. Explain how certain rhetoric can be used in a way that illustrates color-blind racism. You can explain some of the phrases Bonilla Silva uses (e.g. "I am not prejudiced but..; Some of my best friends are black.) or you can provide different examples.

From Chapter 5 Bonilla Silva

4. Using what you know about the different historical circumstances of African Americans compared with European ethnic groups and some Asian ethnic groups, how could claiming that African Americans should be able to rise up the socioeconomic ladder because other ethnic minorities have done it in the past (e.g. Irish, Japanese, Jews) be considered color-blind racism?

5. Have you heard any of the storylines presented in chapter 5 used before to justify one's behaviors or outcomes (either in person or on TV)? If so, did you think it was racist at the time? Why or why not?

From "Post-Race Rhetoric in Contemporary American Politics"

6. What is Enlightened Exceptionalism? How has PresidentObama been the subject of this type of "nuanced racism"?

Reference no: EM131043315

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