What is data warehouse

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What is Data warehouse, OLTP, metadata. what is the relationship between them. What are the differences between them?

Reference no: EM132183871

Benefits and challenges of mobile technology

Organizations hope to increase productivity and spur growth when they adopt mobile technology. Unfortunately, integrating new technology does not always go as smoothly as so

Draw an er diagram

a. Draw an ER diagram. Make sure each entity type has at least one key attribute. Document any assumptions you make. Avoid diagrams with a single entity. b. If you think the d

How to implement the logic for the extended design as a pla

Draw the AND array and OR array, and indicate which connections must be made to implement the function. For each output from the AND array, indicate along the wire the produ

Maintaining the integrity of the linked list

We do not have pointers to any other nodes (except by following links). Describe an O(1) algorithm that logically removes the value stored in such a node from the linked lis

Approximate number of fish

It has been determined that the number of fish f(t) that can be caught in t minutes in a certain pond using a certain bait is f(t) = 0.28t + 1, for t > 10. Find the approxim

Network lan and the wan links

Use VLSM to configure the given network LAN and the WAN links. VLSM must be used in the MOST efficient way to subnet the LAN and the WAN links. All the links between routers a

Encode audio data in two packets

How might you encode audio (or video) data in two packets so that if one packet is lost, then resolution is simply decreased to what would be expected with half bandwidth

How is quality control of a project different

Consider a project you have been involved in, in which the cost of prevention would be part of the project budget but the cost of failure would be incurred after the project


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