What is common law and what is civil law

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A. What is “Common Law”? What is “Civil Law”? Which states of the United States operate under which set?

B. Then state and defend your opinion: Given the option to select developing contract terms and conditions under either Common Law or Civil Law, in the USA or in a republic like the USA in which a Congress or Parliament is granted all legislative powers and represents the people, which would you select? Why?

Reference no: EM131192877

International business as trend in organizational behavior

Discuss  the increasing focus on international  business as trend in organizational behavior. Describe  the experimental method in detail, including the importance of exceptio

What are the upper and lower control limits

A pizza delivery service wants to track their delivery times. They take eight samples of four deliveries and record the following data. What are the upper and lower control

Outsourcing transportation has advantages for companies

Outsourcing transportation has advantages for companies with limited capital to invest in private operations. 3PLs like Excel Logistics have provided this service to assist ma

What rights-protections do whistle-blowers have in workplace

Bob Schein, vice president of human resources at Glenfair Electronics, sat at his desk thinking about the meeting he had just had with Anwar Patel, an accountant. He had liste

Organizations use competencies to gain competitive advantage

What is a core competency and how do organizations use competencies to gain competitive advantage? Sustained competitive advantage? Give a full description with an example.

Issues in specific delivery settings

Refine your questions so that they are relevant to the person or policy that the interview is based on. Conduct the interview at the agreed upon time in a professional manne

Given the volunteers you have the other time estimates item

Given the volunteers you have, the other time estimates are item K (2 hrs), item L (1 hour) also item M (4 hrs). Develop a time-phased assembly plan to prepare the gift bags

Which of the many purposes of the project portfolio process

Which of the many purposes of the project portfolio process are most important to an organization with a low project management maturity? Please be prepared to defend your res


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