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The position of a particle moving along an x axis is given by x = 12t2 - 2t3, where x is in meters and t is in seconds. establish (a) position, (b) velocity, and (c) acceleration of the particle at t = 3.0 s. (d) What is an utmost positive coordinate reached by the particle and (e) at what time is it reached? (f) What is an utmost positive velocity reached by the particle and (g) at what time is it reached? (h) What is an acceleration of the particle at the instant the particle is not moving (other than at t = 0)? (i) Determine average velocity of the particle between t = 0 and t = 3s.


A scuba diver is 50 m under the surface of a lake, where the temperature is 5°C. He releases an air bubble with a volume of 13 cm3. The bubble rises to surface, where the temperature is 25°C. Suppose that the air in the bubble is always in thermal equilibrium with the surrounding water, and suppose that there is no exchange of molecules between bubble and surrounding water. What is volume of the bubble right before it breaks the surface?

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