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1. Ms. Susan Wilson Solovic, CEO, SSBTV.com discusses the pros and cons of franchising. She details some important questions individuals need to research prior to buying a franchise. After watching the video, discuss

- the factors an individual should consider prior to purchasing a franchise, and

- the list of pros and cons of a franchise strategy discussed by Ms. Solovic.

Post your response. Your response should be a minimum of 150 words and no more than 250 words. You will also need to post a second response on at least one classmate's response.

2. What is Affirmative Action? Why was it created? Who benefits most from this policy? What are one to two arguments for Affirmative Action? What are one to two arguments against Affirmative Action?

Reference no: EM132185241

What rate is the present worth of two payment plans

For winners of califonia supperlotto plus, the choice is between a lump sum and annual payments that increase from 2.5% for the first year to 2.7% for the second year and then

Use the signature function

Use the signature function. Join a forum or discussion board where you can add a personal signature. Put your name, name of business, website and/or tagline there. This way yo

Which companies-brands-sneak previews of the ads

Keep a diary of sorts of any TV shows you watch this week, or any movies you may go to or watch on TV including downloaded or rented or streamed, look for “Product placements”

Human acts under situational constraints

Obedience to authority can be a powerful social pressure to conform and comply with a request that might be against our intuitive sense of right and wrong. Milgram's study of

What is the value of supply chains

Create your own personal supply chain in graph form. Consider both who supplies you and who you supply. You may use the Excel spreadsheet tool provided in this week's lesson o

What is the optimal quantity to stock so as to minimize cost

A certain commodity faces normally-distributed demand with a mean of 18 and variance of 25. The ratio of its underage cost to its overage cost is 0.25. What is the optimal qua

Compute the total cost of ordering and carrying flour

ISOM 319: Operations Management Assignment. Suppose that the economic order quantity that you calculate in Part 1 is used to order by the bakery, answer the following questio

Procurement process do not receive preferential treatment

Which of the following may help in ensuring that certain bidders in the procurement process do not receive preferential treatment and that all prospective sellers have a clear


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