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1. Ms. Susan Wilson Solovic, CEO, SSBTV.com discusses the pros and cons of franchising. She details some important questions individuals need to research prior to buying a franchise. After watching the video, discuss

- the factors an individual should consider prior to purchasing a franchise, and

- the list of pros and cons of a franchise strategy discussed by Ms. Solovic.

Post your response. Your response should be a minimum of 150 words and no more than 250 words. You will also need to post a second response on at least one classmate's response.

2. What is Affirmative Action? Why was it created? Who benefits most from this policy? What are one to two arguments for Affirmative Action? What are one to two arguments against Affirmative Action?

Reference no: EM132185241

What is the utilization of the inspector

At a border inspection station, vehicles arrive at the rate of 10 per hour in a Poisson distribution. For simplicity in this problem, assume that there is only one lane and on

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As noted in this chapter, writers should not overstate claims they make about a product or service, nor should they speak negatively or disparagingly about a competitor. Searc

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Identify and categorize the risks for the Wrigley Field renovations that have already taken place and rest of the construction for the next 3 years. Analyze the level of succe

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Janson’s Department Store in Stark, Ohio, maintains a successful catalog sales department in which a clerk takes orders by telephone. If the clerk is occupied on one line, inc

Creation of international banking facilities

How important is the creation of international banking facilities to the international competitiveness of a country's banking industry. [2] Analyze the attached article and th

Option transaction as an alternative to a direct stock

Describe a specific example of how you might advise a client to use an option transaction as an alternative to a direct stock transaction. As part of your example, be sure t

Structure-tasks-subtasks and work packages

Discuss an example of a work-related project that is able to be broken down into structure, tasks, subtasks, and work packages, and why project management in the form of a CPM

Why is the customer important to business-level strategy

Why is the customer important to a business-level strategy? How do each of the five business-level strategies relate to the customer? Provide an example of a company for each


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