What intervention strategy might carole recommend to arlene

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Article - Surviving Incest :The Art of Resistance By Kim M.Anderson

When Jamie's mother, Arlene, attended the first-term Parent Teacher Association meeting, Carole, another parent who works as a case manager at a local community mental-health clinic, helped seat her. Over coffee after the PTA meeting, Arlene disclosed her concerns about the changes in Jamie.

A little over a year ago, Jamie was kidnapped and sexually victimized over a 2-day period, after which he managed to escape. Arlene explained how Jamie's life changed since that time: his grades dropped substantially, he started eating his meals alone at school, he stopped interacting with other children, and he has become a loner with no close friends.

After completing her narration of Jamie's current condition, Arlene asked Carole for advice on his condition. She was not sure whether this is a phase. Carole promised to bring Arlene some literature on the developmental and psychological effects on a child who has been sexually victimized.

What would this literature indicate about the psychological and developmental effects on a child who has been sexually victimized?

What intervention strategies might Carole recommend to Arlene?

Write your initial response to each part in 3-4 paragraphs. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

In this scenario, it is a positive sign that the child's mother is concerned about her son's behavior and is asking questions of a mental health professional about her concerns. This is an important opportunity to share information with the mother that will help her to get appropriate services and supports for her son.

For more information about the impact of sexual abuse and the importance of resiliency in overcoming abuse, see the attached article.

Reference no: EM131414250

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