What inference can you draw from the numbers collected

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Complete the following homework scenario:

Using only websites ending in gov, report the current GDP, the current Federal deficit, the current Federal debt, and the bottom line of the current (last) budget approved by Congress (surplus or shortage).

Note that the fiscal year for the federal government is October 1 - September 31.

What inference can you draw from the numbers collected?

Reference no: EM132280995

Future value if the payments are ordinary annuity

Suppose you are going to receive $12,900 per year for five years. The appropriate interest rate is 7.8 percent. a-1 What is the present value of the payments if they are in th

Difference between general obligation and revenue bond

Which of the following is not the Face Value (usually $1,000 in the US) of a bond? The difference between a general obligation and a revenue bond is: Your company is going to

Using international accounting standards

Discuss the move by the SEC towards using international accounting standards (IAS). Do you believe that the use of IASs will make it easier for investors in a global economy,

Was petgo successful during its first month of operation

John Smith established an animal clinic (PetGo) on December 1, 2016, by purchasing all of its common stock for $125,000 (no par value). The same day PetGo paid $2,500 to an at

What is williamsons unlevered cost of equity capital

Williamson, Inc. has a debt-toequity ratio of 2.44. The firm's weighted average cost of capital is 9%. and its pretax cost of debt is 7%. Williamson is subject to a corporate

Determine the total amount of interest paid

Sherry took out a $70 000 loan amortixed by payemnts of $2200 at the end of every 3 months at 7% compounded quarterly. Counstruct an amortization schedule for the last 2 payme

Debt outstanding-including operating lease commitments

Select Stores is a retail firm with no debt outstanding. However, the firm does have operating lease commitments of 100 million a year for the next 3 years (years 1-3), and 80

Purchased foreclosed house-mortgage loan with interest rate

Lucinda Lacy purchased a foreclosed house today for $105,500 by making a down payment of 15% of the purchase price and paying closing costs of: Determine manually (handwritten


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