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41. The term Sabbatical is connected with a) Paid leave for study b) Paternity leave c) Maternity leave d) Quarantine leave 42. Manager of every factory should sent a annual report to the Inspectorate of factories containing details like numbers of workers employed , leave with wages, safety officers ,ambulance room, canteen, shelter, accidents in form no --- on or before 31st January a) Form No : 22 b) Form No: 21 c) Form No: 25 A d) Form No: 25 B
43. Who is responsible for payment to a person employed by him in a Factory under the Payment of wages Act 1936 a) Accounts Manager b) HR manager c) Manager d) Owner
44. The renewal application for a license submitted after December 31st of the every year shall paid the fine amount. a) 10 % of the license fee b) 20% of the license fee c) 30 % of the license fee d) none of these. 45. An accident report, shall be confirmed by the manager by sending a separate report in form no ---------- with details of number of person killed or injured to i) Inspector of Factories within -----------hours of the accident . a) Form No.18, 12 Hours
b) Form No. 18.A , 12 Hours c) Form No.18, 24 Hours d) Form No 18 A , 24 Hours 46. What is Business Process Re-engineering?
47. In an organisation initiating career planning what modality would essentially form the basis for placement, transfer and rotation?
48. Section ________ of the Industrial Disputes Act 1947, states that an employer should only retrench employees who have been most recently hired. 49. Name the three performance counselling phase: Action Planning
50. What includes in Salary Survey?

Reference no: EM13703989

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