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Over the next several days, as you watch television programs, news, commercials, or films, note what stereotypes you find. Use the following list of questions to lead you through your analysis.

a) Are the members of one group playing similar roles over and over again?

b) Can you find certain similarities between people who are portrayed as the “bad guys”; and those who are the “good guys”?

c) Who plays the lead roles and who plays supporting roles?

d) How does language, such as different languages or accents, shape your feelings about different characters?

e) What groups are not portrayed in the media?

f) Discuss your (nonscientific) research with the class. Tell us which shows, movies, or product advertising you were viewing. Discuss the group(s) that were stereotyped and what that stereotype was; share your thoughts when conducting this analysis.

Reference no: EM131226266

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