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Problem: As you know, diodes allow current to flow in one direction but not the other. Sketch a current vs. time plots for the points A, B, and output C of the following circuits. What function does this circuits performs?

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Reference no: EM13856781

Determine the power factor and complex power

The voltage across a certain load is V =1200*sqrt(2)*30 V, and the load impedance given by Z = 40 j30 ohms . Is the load inductive or capacitive Determine the power factor,

Find the laplace transform of a rectangular voltage pulse

Find the Laplace transform of a rectangular voltage pulse that is 0 V until time 0 s, then jumps to 5 V and stays there until time 2 ms, then returns to 0 V and stays there

Determine what is the exit velocity of a nozzle

air expands through a nozzle at a rate of 1kg/sec. the outlet is at 15kpa and the inlet is at 400kpa,150degree and 35m/sec. assuming the process to be reversible and adiabat

Represent the timer as a box labeled 30 s timer

The system contains a door sensor, a window sensor, and a key activation switch. If the switch is on, opening the window will set off the alarm immediately. Opening the door

What is the input signal-to-noise ratio in db

a) The input signal to an amplifier is -20 dBm. What is the input signal power in mW. Given the input signal and noise power in parts (a) and (b), what is the input signal-to-

Determine peak current in inverter during a switching cycle

The transistor parameters in the CMOS inverter are VTN = 0.35 V, - Determine the peak current in the inverter during a switching cycle for (W/L)n = 2 and (W/L)p = 4.

What does shift register contains after three clock pulses

An 8 bit shift register is configured so that the output of the least significant bit is fed back to the input of the most significant bit. If the register has an initial st

Design a circuit using four 2-to-1 muxes to select leds

A circuit is needed to display a 4-bit value on the LED's of a logic designer. This value can come from two differentsources. Design a circuit using four 2-to-1 muxes to sel


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