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A. What features might the business owner want the new website to include? To support your answer, use examples of what other companies inthe industry are doing. For example, should the owner consider incorporating intelligent features such as links to product descriptions, productavailability, or complementary items for purchase? Should the system automatically post new products to social media? What do most similarbusinesses do?

B. What challenges and needs might the owner face in terms of supporting mobile computing? Include a requirements document as an appendixto help support your discussion, using the template provided, and offer real-world examples to illustrate your points. You may also want toconsider whether the business needs different solutions to accommodate mobile devices versus a desktop computer.

C. Analyze the security challenges arising from adding e-commerce to the website, including both internal and external security concerns. Explainyour response. For example, what types of systems will the company need to ensure that customer data is secure and that the site is notabused? You may want to consider the security of both data transmission and data storage.

D. Compare and contrast available IT security solutions to address the needs you identified. What are the advantages and disadvantages to each interms of supporting the business owner's objectives?

E. Compare and contrast web and mobile software packages and services available for addressing the owner's online needs. What are theadvantages and disadvantages to each with respect to business process engineering? To illustrate your point(s), you may want to include realworldexamples of what has or has not worked for other companies.

Reference no: EM13922309

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