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There are certain instances where pooling of operations can be desirable. For example, a large factory may have two or more locations where mechanics can obtain special tools or equipment they occasionally need. The separate locations mean less travel time for workers, but sometimes there will be a waiting line at one location while servers are idle at another location. What factors should an analysis of this sort of situation take into account in deciding on whether to keep separate locations or pool servers and equipment at one central location?

Reference no: EM13926385

The rise of fast casual restaurant chains

Many U.S consumers want their meals in a hurry, but with more service and higher quality food than in traditional fast food restaurants. The result has been the rise of fast c

What are larrys duties to terry

Post your response to the following topic: Terry the tenant has lost heat and water in his apartment. He called Larry the landlord a week ago, but Larry hasn’t repaired anythi

Crisis action planning in context of business environment

Describe contingency and crisis action planning in the context of the business environment. What are some important steps when faced with a crisis? What is crisis communicatio

How many pages should the manufacturer advertise

The manufacturer of a laser printer reports the mean number of pages a cartridge will print before it needs replacing is 12,325. How many pages should the manufacturer adverti

Utilization of resources as overall demand changes

The chapter focuses primarily on utilization. Explain what happens to utilization of resources as overall demand changes for a process, and the mix of demand changes. WHY is t

Determine the best variable method of payment

The organizational behavior 15th edition book offers descriptions of variable pay methods and discusses flexible benefits as motivators. As engineers, most of us will be salar

What was its charge for depreciation and amortization

The Talbot enterprises recently reported an EBITDA OF $ 8 Million and net income 0f $ 2.4 million. It had $2.0 million of interest expensive, and its corporate tax rate was 40

Environmental analysis and industry analysis

Environmental Analysis and Industry Analysis Using the Segments of the General Environment, write the environmental analysis for your organization (approximately 500-750 words


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