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Jebel Ali Port and Free Zone - Its Impact on Companies' Supply Chain Operations

Jebel Ali Port and Free Zone has been a huge success and is now home to over 7,000 companies which have established distribution centres in the Free Zone in order to enhance their supply chain.

Assume you are a senior manager working for a Japanese based electrical company manufacturing mobile phones in Japan, televisions in Malaysia and sound systems in Thailand. The company's Middle East market is served by supplying six GCC distributors directly from these factories using 20ft sea containers.

You have been asked to write a report assessing the benefits of establishing a distribution centre in Jebel Ali Free Zone and using this as a base to supply your GCC distributors in future. In this report you should cover the following points.

1. What facilities do the Port and Free Zone offer which attract companies?

2. What benefits would your company, distributors, retailers and end consumers gain by holding inventory in the Free Zone?

3. What additional costs would the company have to consider in establishing a distribution centre in Jebel Ali Free Zone?

Up to 20% of marks will be awarded for Conclusion and Recommendations and overall structure and clarity of the assignment.

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Reference no: EM13663241

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