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nformation is data that is framed in a specific context. In this sense, information is contextual data that has a level of inherent value. Data might be the binary 0s and 1s on a hard drive, but information is the combination of that binary data into a document, media file, or database. Therefore, information systems are methods of managing the value of different types of data. The value of the data might be in the personal records such as social security number, addresses, or shopping habits that are linked together to form an online shopping cart and on-click purchasing. The value of information provides for the potential for ethical, social, and political issues within an organization. An example of these ethical, social, and political issues can be found in the concept of privacy.

Using the module readings and the Argosy University online library resources, research the ethical, social, and political issues within an organization, and explain each of the issues.

Respond to the following:

What ethical, social, and political issues arise with the use of information systems?

Which of these identified issues can have the most adverse effect on an organization if not managed properly?

Reference no: EM13792036

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