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Explain how you would gather data on each of the following measures for out of seat behavior for this child: 

See example for the first measure:

i. Count - Observe, when buttock is not in contact with seat, mark as "out of seat" on recording sheet, when buttocks come back in contact with chair the occurrence ends.  When buttock is not in contact with seat, mark continue to do this for instance of out of seat behavior until the end of the observation period.  Add the total number

Now you try it...  (10 items must be correct for 2 points, 5-9 items correct for 1 point, less than 5 correct is 0 points)

ii. Cumulative Count

iii. Episodic Duration

iv. Total Duration

v. Rate

vi. Latency

vii. Inter-response Time

viii. Extensity

ix. Momentary Time Sampling

x. Partial Time sampling

xi. Whole Time sampling

3. Which of these measures would be the most informative to reduce the child's out of seat behavior and why? Which would be the least informative and why?

4. Design a recording form for this behavior and explain how you would use this form to gather data on this behavior. What equipment would you need to collect data? In what units would your measure be expressed?

Reference no: EM131305881

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