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1.Assume that $140,000 of Denham Springs school dostrict 8% bonds are sold on the bond issue date for $128,598 interest is payable semiannually, and the bonds mature in 15 years. The purchase price provides a return of 9% on the investments.

2.What entries would be made on the investor's books for the receipt of the first two interest payments, assuming premium or discount amortization on each interest date by (a) the straight line method and (b) the effective interest method

3.What entries would be made on Denham Springs school districts books to record the first two interest payments, assuming premium or discount amortization on each interest date by (a) straight line method and (b) the effective interest method

Reference no: EM13320588

Problem regarding the current economic conditions

Mercy Hospital is looking for ways to cut costs given current economic conditions. Which of the following would most likely reduce Mercy Hospital's carrying cost of receivab

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The Dayton Zoological Park is an independent organization that manages the Dayton Children's Zoo for the city. To be successful, the zoo must maintain its image as a high-qu

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Assume that revenue is to be recieved at each year end. and the machine has a useful life of three years with zero salvage value. Management requires a 12% return on its inv

The fair value adjustment

Hendricks Corporation purchased trading investment bonds for $50,000 at par. At December 31, Hendricks received annual interest of $2,000, and the fair value of the bonds was

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Ted, who is single, owns a personal residence in the city. He also owns a condo near the ocean. He uses the condo as a vacation home. In March, 2000 he borrowed $50,000 on a

General ledger accounts and subsidiary ledger accounts

Requirement - Prepare the journal entries necessary to record the activity during December. Include a brief explanation for each entry. Post your entries to the General Ledger

Contribution margins and target profits

Assuming sales volume is expected to be the same in the upcoming year as it was in the past year, give three separate options the company could implement in order to achieve

The total for interest-rate-sensitive liabilities

Your employer has asked you to examine the interest-rate risk of your bank relative to your direct competition. Management is concerned that interest rates will fall by the


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