What elements of case constitute reasonable suspicion

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Case Scenario: Why Should I Report This

Purpose of Assignment: To demonstrating knowledge of mandated reporting requirements.

Instructions: Consider the following scenario:

You are employed as a school social worker. One of your students, 15-year-old Shelly, meets with you and says, "My dad has a bad temper. Last night he got mad at my mom. My mom wants to divorce him. My dad freaked out and said, 'If you leave me, that'll be the last mistake you make-I'll get you!'" My mom is planning on leaving my dad this weekend. I'm scared."

In a two-page paper address the following in narrative form:

1. What elements of this case constitute reasonable suspicion thus mandating a hotline call to child protective services? Be specific. Give examples.

2. Who else might you contact to provide further support and protection for the client?

3. Write a short case note in third person documenting what the client reported, the hotline number you called, the name of the hotline worker and your consultation with your supervisor.

• Remember, writing in the third person means not using I, me or my in the case note. You can say things like, "The client reports that she..." "Supervisor was contacted and made aware of the situation."

Reference no: EM132608612

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