What efforts do you feel might be effective in countering

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Relay what you feel are those psychological and behavioral factors that have the greatest impact on the radicalization of an individual. Conversely, what efforts do you feel might be effective in countering them in a proactive manner?

The body of your report is to be five pages in length (points will be deducted if the minimum page requirement is not met) and is to contain the following:

?A brief introduction, conveying what the report is about
?A main body, containing the "meat" of the report, where you provide the requested information
?A conclusion, summarizing the content of the report clearly and concisely

•Include an appropriate title page
•Typewritten in double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font, 1" margins.
•A minimum of five academically acceptable sources are to be utilized.

Reference no: EM131377734

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