What does the composer do with rhythms
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Question: There areone short videos, and answer some simple questions. Do not need to write too much details for each questions, just use simple and easy words as you can.

Dido and Æneas - Henry Purcell (Dido's Lament) + Fr lyrics (By koldfish)

1 Write a few sentences about they ways in which you hear grief and lamenting being portrayed musically? In other words, what does the composer do with rhythms, harmonies, and melodies, that make this so effectively sad?

2 Find your favorite song about loss and grief on youtube.

1) Post the link here

2) Copy and paste the lyrics here

3) Describe how the song writer has captured grief in their music by discussing elements of the rhythms, harmonies, and melodies used. You must do more than simply describe the text in your answer.

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