What does an interoperable communication system comprise
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Describe and discuss communications and sensor standards used to facilitate interoperable communications and information sharing capabilities.

Interoperable communications is a near-impossible challenge. Local, state, and federal agencies may be similar in charter and operations, but myriad differences exist in their communication capabilities. For the thousands of communities in the country, fully integrated, national communication capabilities are not likely to become a reality for years to come.

Using the library, research communication challenges for local, state, and federal agencies.

What challenges to interoperable communication did you encounter? Explain.

Be sure to address the following in your explanation:

Funding issues
Resource availability
Community support
Political stakeholders

In your own words, what does an interoperable communication system comprise?

What types of technology would have to be used for a fully integrated, national communication system? Why?

Summarize each type of essential technology and how it would be used.

Do you believe the interoperability challenge will be solved with a national system linking government agencies at all levels? Why or why not?

Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.


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Interoperable Communication is basically a property of a system in which it interacts with other systems. The term was coined for the sole purpose of information technology and systems engineering. If there are two or more systems which are capable of communication and exchanging data, then they are exhibiting syntactic interoperability. These systems allow first responders, public safety agencies and leaders to operate and communicate effectively in times of emergency- a need that arose from the situation of September11, 2001. Interoperatibility operates in a simple setup as any emergency situation when the police, fire and medical agencies operate in a seamless operation.

The major challenges that the local, state and federal agencies encounter include the following:
- Stale Operating procedures
- Uncoordinated mechanism of operating
- Obsolete and incompatible technologies
- Lack of Clarity for Future Oversight and its governance
- Inconsistent and Infrequent trainings
Inability to infuse interoperatibility into daily use

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