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Public Administrator Interview

For this assignment you will need to find a public administrator to interview. You may want to reach out to your local government and ask if you can interview your local City Manager or even the Parks & Recreation Manager. The interview could take anywhere from 15-60 minutes depending on the level of detail discussed.

Below is a list of sample questions that you will want to ask in your interview. You will also need to develop your own questions to add to this list. Once the interview is complete you will submit a summary and reflection of the interview including a list of the questions discussed and a record of your interviewee's answers.

In writing your reflection, consider what you learned from this experience and how it applies to your interests in public administration.

Questions you will want to ask:

1. Describe your current position.

2. What are your organizations goals, values, and/or mission statement?

3. How did you come to work as a public administrator?

4. What is the most challenging aspect of your role?

5. What do you find most enjoyable about this line of work?

6. What do you find it the least enjoyable thing about this line of work?

7. What are the typical issues/conflicts that you must deal with on a regular basis?

8. We have discussed intergovernmental relations in class. How does your agency work with other governmental agencies?

9. How do you approach decision-making in your role? Are there specific models or guidelines that your organization endorses?

10. How is your organization held accountable? What happens if the organizational goals are not met?

Reference no: EM132280389

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