What do you believe makes police officers susceptible
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Drug-related Corruption

What do you believe makes police officers susceptible to drug-related corruption? Do you think these officers would still be involved in corrupt activities if drugs were legalized?


If you had the power to draft government legislation to control drugs, what would you do?

1Legalize drugs?

2Regulate them?

3Maintain the current laws?

4Make laws and punishment stricter?

Explain in detail why you would choose your course of action.

Topic 1: What Evidence Should Be Documented?

Give a brief description of the order in which evidence should be documented, collected, and preserved. Your answer should include the role of potential contamination in your decision-making process.

Topic 2: Latent Prints

Discuss at least two of the chemical methods used to raise latent prints and advise your classmates on what piece of evidence you would process that way. Be sure to choose a different piece of evidence from your classmates.

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