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Research proposal

Details: For an audience of your classmates and your instructor, write a proposal in which you explain the focus of what you want to research (nB: write about immigrants). Explain why you and your readers should be interested in the topic. Include a five refs (attached) The goal of this assignment is to help you prepare for your research paper by finding, investigating, and assessing sources relevant to your question. Your proposal should:

- be at least 2 double-spaced pages
- and consist of two parts:

1. Research Proposal

2. Ref page

Research Proposal Details:

In your proposal you will introduce your readers to the topic that you chose to research and provide some background information on the topic. This will help your readers understand why the topic is important. Your proposal should provide answers to the following questions:

- What is your topic?

- What do you already know about the topic? Can you provide any background information to help your readers understand why it is important to you? (Make sure you only use what YOU already know, don't look to outside sources for background information.)

- Why are you interested in the topic?

- What question(s) are you researching?

- What questions will guide you as you select and assess sources?

NOTE: answer the questions in essay format. Avoid bullet like points. Ref page should only contain the following books, and incite from them only. Just 2 pages minimum (check word counts). 4 hours from now

1. Shapiro, R. J., & Vellucci, J. (2010). The Impact of Immigration and Immigration Reform on the Wages of American Workers. New Policy Interest, 1-22.

2. Sarkin, J. (2013). Putting in place processes and mechanisms to prevent and eradicate enforced disappearances around the world. South African Yearbook of International Law, 38, 20-48.

3. Fakhar, A. (2014). Beyond Brain Drain. IGI Global, 777-778.

4. Hogarth, K. (2015). Home without Security and Security without Home. Journal of International Migration and Integration, 16 (3), 783-798.

5. Grikorenko, E. L. (2007). U.S. Immigration and Education: Cultural and Policy Issues across the Lifespan. New York: Springer Publishing Company, LLC.

Reference no: EM13962201

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