What do theoretical innovations and anomalous novelties

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In reference to The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Thomas Kuhn

Explain the difference(s) between Herschel and Whewell’s accounts of verae causae

Is an anomaly, according to Kuhn, sufficient to cause a crisis in normal science?

What do theoretical innovations and anomalous novelties of fact have in common, according to Kuhn?

What are the effects of a crisis on the work being done within a normal science tradition?

What does Kuhn mean when he claims that from another point of view, "every problem that normal science sees as a puzzle... can be seen as a counter-instance and thus as a source of crisis?"

Reference no: EM13520575

What individual factors affect community/public health

Every individual affects the community in some way. What individual factors (personal characteristics, genetics, developmental stage of life, lifestyle) affect community/pub

How has the study of personality changed

How has the study of personality changed your view of personality? What are the questions about personality that still remain for you after our study and discuss what you ha

Preventing a brave new world

In the article by Leon Kass, "Preventing a Brave New World," the author argues for a worldwide ban on all forms of human cloning. Do you agree with the author's arguments?

Explain criterion for nomination-outstanding student of year

Appropriate candidate to be nominated as The Most Outstanding Student of year, as member of selection committe, you have to recommend a criterion for nomination.

Explain the concept of high-stakes testing

Explain the concept of high-stakes testing. Then, respond to critics of high-stakes testing who believe that high-stakes testing results in teaching to the test and that thi

Explain seeing is not always believing

Explain one experience where you were deceived by what you saw. Explain one experience where you select not to think what you had seen.

Illustrate what made it powerful

During Cognitive therapy session, Dr. Corey used several cognitive techniques with Stan. Which one do you think was most powerful and illustrate what made it powerful.

Typical agents of socialization

Some typical agents of socialization are: family, school, religion, friends, relatives, and mass media. What agents of socialization have influenced you the most, describe the


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