What difficulties did you face in choosing a state

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Compare Insurance Plans by State

Part I - Various programs provide free or low-cost coverage to millions of families with limited income. Develop a scenario in which an individual or family is currently making use of such a program, but plans to move to another state. Create a chart that compares your chosen program in three (3) different states and recommend a state to which the individual, or family, should move. Your chart should contain the following:

  • A brief paragraph describing the scenario (e.g., elderly war veteran, pregnant woman, young girl who is visually impaired)
  • Program features and characteristics (e.g., type, benefits, costs)
  • Visual indication of the state you recommend

Part II

Write a 7-8 page description of your decision-making process. Your reflection should address the following questions:

  • What are the most important features that impacted your state choice?
  • What difficulties did you face in choosing a state?
  • Under what circumstances would you recommend a different state, and why?

Your paper must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Be written in accordance with APA Requirements
  • Be 7-8 pages in length
  • Include headings, per APA guidelines
  • Include at least four (4) sources.

Reference no: EM131382084

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