What determines the method of saving files

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Discuss the image file formats used for print, Web, and multimedia.
What determines the method of saving files?
Explain what resolution is traditionally used for print and what resolution is used for Web.
Next, explain the difference between CMYK and RGB color modes, and explain when each one is traditionally used.
Why is it important for graphic designers to consider which color modes and file formats to use when beginning a project?

Reference no: EM13306752

Vision-value statement in regards to strategic formulation

Describe how mission, vision and values have an impact on the strategic formulation and implementation process. Why is it important for an organization to have a clear mission

The managerial functions of planning-organizing-motivating

The managerial functions of planning, organizing, motivating , and controlling are central to the management process. Describe what each function involves and give an example

The general social survey draws a sample

The General Social Survey draws a sample of about 1,500 people every two years. This is an example of what type of research design? The results of Sherman and Berk's (1984) st

Hypothesis suggests-change in independent variable

A hypothesis suggests that the change in the independent variable creates change in the dependent variable. A theory is a tentative statement about empirical reality including

Objective function mathematically-resulting function linear

Suppose that reddy mikks sells its exterior paint to a single wholesaler at a quantity discount. the profit per ton is 5000 if the contractor buys no more than 2 tons daily an

Especially teenagers-about the risks of smoking

A U.S. appeals court ruled on Friday that cigarette companies do not need to comply with new federal rules requiring their products to show graphic warning images, such as of

Approach concerning same sex marriage

Summarize the theological voluntarist approach concerning same sex marriage, summarize the non-objectivist approach concerning same sex marriage,summarize the moral realist

Difference between diversity and affirmative action

Describe the difference between diversity and affirmative action? What are the elements of a culturally diverse workforce? Discuss the challenges organizational leadership mus


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