What definition of sustainability do you think is best

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1) What definition of sustainability do you think is the best to use? Why?

2) What do you think the top 2 sustainability trends are? Discuss the basis of your choices and what you think the   of your choices are.

Reference no: EM131228920

Argument about persistent urban poverty

How does culture fit into Wilson's argument about persistent urban poverty? Can you draw on Patillo's Black Picket Fences that considers his argument and explain how it ap

Original jurisdiction means power

Compensatory, punitive and nominal are all categories of: Original jurisdiction means power to: When expert testimony is critical to a case, but is excluded as unreliable, the

What was the percentage change in productivity

A parcel delivery company delivered 103,000 packages in 2001 wh r n it's average employment was 84 drivers. In 2002 the firm handled 112,000 delivered with 96 drivers. What wa

Distinguish a just from an unjust dismissal

How would you distinguish a just from an unjust dismissal? Is this distinction easier to make for low-level jobs than for high-level or managerial jobs? Explain using job exam

Portfolio management and strategic planning

Early morning, Monday 29th August 2005. John Smith, head of portfolio management and strategic planning, was paging through the slides he had prepared for the Portfolio Manage

White collar crime penalty enhancement act

White collar crime penalty enhancement act of 2002 - what was this law enacted in reaction to? Is it necessary in today's society? Why or why not? Should there be more or less

Teams creativity define it

Teams creativity Define it, explain its importance for leading teams, provide additional research to describe it, and share a work-related example to show how it would or shou

Probability that one of these components has defect

A production manager knows that 5% of components produced by a particular manufacturing process have some defect. Six of these components, whose characteristics can be assumed


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