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A new Pizza Restaurant has opened in Old Town Fort Collins: Daenerys’ Fire Baked Pizza. They offer brick oven pizzas, sit down dinner, take out, and a new service: delivery by drone, which guarantees the product to reach its destination in less than 10 minutes form the time it leaves the restaurant. The system is highly automated and this new delivery concept allows to bypass several bottlenecks of regular home delivery. The restaurant also guarantees a high quality product thanks to a traditional Mediterranean recipe, and imported ingredients from the Narrow Sea (i.e. the Mediterranean). The fast drone delivery technology, as well as the high quality of the product and ingredients, result in price levels above the competition, which will probably not attract a large share of the population.

1. What customers is this restaurant more likely to serve? Explain/Defend your response.

2. What are the key values that Daenerys' Fire Baked Pizza deliver to its main customers? Explain/Defend your response.

Reference no: EM131233530

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