What criteria should be applied to making software choices

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Create a Microsoft Word document saved under the following format: Lastname_Course#_W1.doc

Research one software application category from the list below:

• ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
• CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
• SCM (Supply Chain Management)

Develop a 1,050-word summary describing typical features of software in the selected category. In the summary include the following:

• The purpose of the software for an organization
• The business value the software brings to an organization
• An explanation of how the software is used by organizations to generate value

Use the following features of Microsoft® Word in your summary:

• Headers, footers, and page numbers
• Watermark document as "Draft"
• A Microsoft Word memo template
• A minimum of two styles
• An image
• Either a bulleted or numbered list

Individual Assignment: Business Value of Software Applications

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to help students understand the three commonly used software application categories and the value they bring to an organization. ERP, CRM and SCM are used by many organizations; in the course of their careers, students are likely to encounter computer applications in some or all of these categories. It's important for students to know how they're used to improve the business process in order to contribute to the success of the business.

Word processing applications are commonly used in nearly all workplace environments. Therefore students should learn, through practice, how to perform the basic functions of a word processing program.

Learning Team Collaborative Discussion: Ethics and Privacy in Information Security

Prepare for the Ethics and Privacy in Information Security Individual assignment.

Discuss with your learning team the criteria and decision process you would use for making hardware and software purchases.

Use the following scenario as a basis for your discussion: A local private school has aging hardware and software in its classrooms. Students, teachers, and parents have complained and are asking the school's directors to purchase new technology to better prepare students for life after graduation.

In your learning team, determine the process and the criteria you would use to select new software and hardware for the classrooms. Use the following questions as a guide.

• What steps are needed to select a brand and model?
• What criteria should be applied to making the best software choices?
• How will you determine what needs to be done to ensure security and privacy for the new computers?
• How will you describe the rationale for your choices and the benefits to the students, teachers, and school?

Write a 350-word summary of the Learning Team Collaborative Discussion including your own personal views on ethics and privacy as it relates to information security.

Reference no: EM131290535

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