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PROJECT VII Wikiblunders According to PC World these false facts all appeared on Wikipedia:

1. Robbie Williams eats domestic pets in pubs for money.

2. David Beckham was a Chinese goalkeeper in the 18th century.

3. Paul Reiser's dead. (Reiser is an actor).

4. Sinbad's dead. (Sinbad is an actor) .

5. Sergey Brin's sexy, dating Jimmy Wales, and dead. (Brin founded Google and Wales founded Wikipedia).

6. Tony Blair worships Hitler. (Blair was the former prime minister of the United Kingdom).

7. The Duchess of Cornwall's Christian name is Cow-miller.

8. Robert Byrd's dead. (Byrd is a U.S. senator from West Virginia).

9. John Seigenthaler helped assassinate John and Robert Kennedy. (Seigenthaler is a journalist).

10. Conan O'Brien assaults sea turtles while canoeing. 31 We know that people use information technology to work with information. Knowing this, how could these types of errors occur? What could happen if you decided to use Wikipedia to collect business intelligence for a research paper? What could Wikipedia do to help prevent these types of errors?

Reference no: EM131358596

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