What could have been done to defeat the hashing by hackers

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1. Provide one real world example where hashing was used as a security measure. Be sure to provide a source to validate your example. After you have provided an example you are to answer two questions:

1: Why did hashing work as a security measure in this instance?

2: What could have been done to defeat the hashing by hackers?

2. Select one of the following attacks and write 2 paragraphs describing how the attack works and what can be done to help reduce the effectiveness of the attack.

• Frequency Analysis

• Cipher-text Only Attack

• Known Plaintext Attack

• Chosen Plaintext Attack

• Dictionary Attacks

• Rainbow Tables

• Birthday Attacks

• Implementation Issues

• Timing and Power Analysis Attacks

• People Attacks

3. Find a recent article that discusses PKI and write a discussion post that meets the following (and all) requirements:

1. Cite the source of the news article in APA format.

2. Write 3-4 Paragraphs describing what the article is discussing, why you chose the article, and the relevance.

3. Find 1 scholarly source to support your statements about the article and cite it in APA format.

Reference no: EM132184320

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