What clues does the text offer about islamic sciences

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Discussion and Short Essay Questions for al-Yaqubi's description of Baghdad


Hashemites: clan of Hashim. The Hashemites include Muhammad, his father, and his uncles, including Abbas, and their descendants. The

Abbasid dynasty claimed descent from Abbas.

Abu Abbas (al-Saffah): The first Abbasid caliph or Commander of the Faithful

Abu Jafar al-Mansur: Abu Abbas's brother and his successor as caliph

Cubit: Ancient unit of measurement based on length of a man's forearm from the tip of the middle finger to the elbow

Parsang: Ancient unit of distance that seems to have varied regionally and according to terrain(somewhere between 3-6 km)

1. (Possible short essay question) How does the author, al-Yaqubi, praise the Abbasid dynasty and Abbasid rule through his description of Baghdad?

2. What clues does the text offer about Islamic sciences in the mid-eighth century?

3. Try to draw a city map of Baghdad based on this description. How do you think al-Yaqubi knows the measurements he provides?

Reference no: EM13988623

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